Fume Hood Competition


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Duration: Annual Competition in November (2011, 2012, 2013)

Summary: UCLA’s fume hood competition took place in the Molecular Science Building. The competition included 163 fume hoods in thirty inorganic and organic chemistry laboratories. The competition itself consisted of bi-weeklyfume hood sash height measurements, which were later compared to a baseline sash height taken a week before the competition began. Weekly food prizes were givento the labs that reduced their sash heights the most anda grand prize was awarded to the lab that had the lowestoverall sash height regardless of baseline and the lab with the largest sash height reduction.

Related Metric Savings: 

Shut the Sash 2012: 22% reduction as compared to the 2012 baseline

 Savings: 204,567 kWh/yr ($20,456.70)440 Therms/yr ($264)

Shut the Sash 2013: 33% reduction as compared to the 2013 baseline

Savings: 352,878 kWh/yr ($35,287.80) 800 Therms/yr ($480) 

*Utility Rates: $0.10/kWh, $0.60/therm


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